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Dog Kennel Manufacturers Near Me Large Collapsible Dog Crate Puppy Pet Kennel Boxes Colored Aluminum Portable Dog Cages

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Introducing the New Impact Dog Crate Door
Did you hear the news? Impact Dog Crates just got a major upgrade. After months of product development and prototyping, the Impact team is so excited to announce our updated door designs that offer unrivaled protection for your pups. We are proud to introduce additional safety features to the door designs of all crate models- without compromising your dogs' visibility and ventilation.

The new and improved Impact Dog Crate Door is equipped with functional features that prioritize your dog’s safety and security. Constructed from heavy-duty aluminum, our new door design is going to new levels with strength and durability, ensuring your precious pup is safeguarded in the comfort of their crate. The crate door’s reinforced, military-grade aluminum provides an unfailing barrier against even the most skilled (and clever) escape attempts. Allowing for use in any environment, this door contains small diamond-shaped ventilation holes throughout to ensure your dog receives optimal airflow at all times. The small ventilation holes (each less than an inch in radius) are designed to prevent your dog from reaching their teeth or nails through the door, effectively minimizing the risk of escape attempts and escape attempt-related injuries. In addition to the safety improvements, we've made some sophisticated visual upgrades as well with the inclusion of an embossed Impact Dog Crates logo. 

One of the main benefits that a secure crate provides for dogs is a safe, comfortable space where they can retreat when they need to destress or relax. With the structural design of our new crate door, dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments will be able to enjoy having this “den-like” environment in their crate.

Combining Function and Safety
Over the years, we’ve seen an increase in demand for one of our most popular accessories: the Impact Door Guard. When snugly attached to the front door of your crate, the Door Guard provides reinforced security, equipping the crate with extra protection against destructive behavior, such as clawing and biting. Not only that, but the tinier ventilation holes reduce the risk of your pup getting their teeth or nails stuck. Our devotion to dog safety is why we decided to create our new door with a built-in door guard, meaning dog owners can now enjoy the added benefits of the door guard at no extra cost.

In designing our new door, it was very important to us that we combine the best features of both products. What was the final result? A heavy-duty aluminum door with more practical features for at-home and on-the-go protection for your dog. With a stainless steel slam latch, heavy-duty aluminum build, and a built-in door guard, dog owners can have peace of mind knowing their pups are receiving the highest quality protection.

Making Traveling with Your Pup Easier Than Ever
As a team of dog owners and lovers, we are certain of one thing; life’s adventures are simply better with dogs. Whether you’re on the road or in the air, dogs make for the perfect travel buddies. Thus, it’s important to ensure they’re protected every step of the way. With our newly updated crate doors, traveling with your dog has never been easier, as the crate doors (of the Collapsible Dog Crate) are IATA-compliant for air travel. So pack your bags, buckle up, and prepare to depart on your next adventure with your furry companion, knowing that they are receiving the maximum protection in their crate.